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Masters on the Guest List

On Saturday 6 of our Masters team took the opportunity to guest for our pals North East Thunder Masters. The Spirit of Masters allows players to play as guests for other clubs as long as they are registered with their parent club.

Thunder have had a resurgence in interest and activity in recent months and are going from strength to strength. In total they had 20 players available to them on Saturday, the majority of which were their own.

The fixture on Saturday was lucky to go ahead, after initially being cancelled on Friday morning it was back on again in the afternoon after tremendous work by hosts, Carlisle Masters, to shift the game south to Penrith RU and their AGP surface.

The Crusaders guesting for Thunder were, Jason Grant, Lee Kelley, Darren Cunnington, Jay Wainwright, Ben Smith and Kev Forrester. Each of them getting plenty of playing time.

The match was played in great spirit by both teams, and despite the blustery conditions there was some great Rugby League on display. That is if you discount the kicking game, the wind ruined many a good kick often seeing the ball sail straight into touch. Regular fans of the page will now be putting Jase’s name against these boot to ball mishaps ........... not this time sports fans, not this time. Jase had only the one kick and it stayed well within the field of play!

North East Thunder Masters, Master of the Match went to Graham Lupton on his Masters debut, very well deserved. The game was brilliantly officiated by Luke Naylor.

Thank you to Carlisle Masters for working so hard to get the game on. Thank you to North East Thunder Masters for letting us be part of the day.

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