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Crusaders Masters off to the Border City

On Saturday Crusaders Masters will travel to Carlisle for the Cumbria Masters Festival.

Unlike last year there's no fun bus on offer, which has left posh Cumbrian's Longers and Foxy with a dilemma, of whether to get the chauffeur and Bentley ready, or take the helicopter!

Smudge makes his return as his kick and clap game has been moved.

Having watched the devastating foot work of some dazzling halfback called Jase, against Boothtown, Jeff Williams will make his Crusaders debut.

Darren missed the Boothtown game but makes himself available after a morning of coaching the Crusaders U8’s in their festival, where he’s hoping to pick up a few tips on catching the ball.

Paul Goad makes his second appearance as a gold shorter and has responsibility for the tuneage for our post festival social media posts. We’re not sure Beethovens 5th symphony will go down well wiv da kidz, but we’ll give it a whirl!

As ever we must thank our Masters brothers at North East Thunder for backing us up.

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