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U10’s travel light, but give their all!

On Saturday 4 members of our U10's team travelled up to Winlaton to take part in the first festival of the year hosted by Gateshead Storm.

Lucy, Oscar, Sam and Faith joined forces with Jerry and Joseph from Storm and they also had players from Rockets rotating in, 2 at a time.

The "Barbarians" took on Cramlington Rockets over 2 x 15 mins halves. Despite being thrown together that morning all the players worked together and ensured they passed the ball round and got plenty of runs in each.

For Crusaders, Faith was absolutely on fire, with jinking runs and some great tries. She also wasn't scared to let her shoulders do the talking with some great tackles.

Oscar built his confidence throughout the game. Offloading the ball when in contact but also making good decisions to just take it in. Again he stuck in some tackles and was always there for the assist.

Lucy was dependable as ever, and like Oscar built herself into the game. Usually taking the shortest but most defended route, up the middle, she displayed some great footwork to avoid the defenders.

Sam certainly started quiet but after a little bit of encouragement he got himself ready for his first touch of the ball. What a first touch it was, he picked a great gap to run at and crashed his way some straggling defenders to score a try!

All 4 of our young Crusaders played extremely well, and clearly had lots of fun. Well done boys and girls!

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Great write up that mate 💪🏻🏉

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