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Crusaders Masters v Heworth Masters

Last Sunday Crusaders Masters completed their season with an away trip to Heworth.

Thankfully the weather was kinder than it had been in the build which allowed from some fast hobbling Rugby League. Unfortunately both sides were suffering from some end of season number problems. Crusaders had two no shows and the original referee went down with COVID, which meant Paul Clarke had to revert to being the miserable whistle blower. Heworth kindly loaned us across a player which meant we could play 11 v 11.

Jason Grant was determined to get through the game without getting pinged for kicking before the 5th and last. This he mastered! However he also produced the howler of the game! On the 5th he wanted to put the ball high into the corner. Jase was confident, things had been going his way until this point, he'd even forced a couple of knock ons from his kicks. The confidence was short lived because as soon as the ball had struck his boot he knew he'd not just spooned it ...... he'd ladelled it, the ball went backwards, all the Crusaders left it (probably due to laughter) the ref, very harshly called "play on" and Heworth ran 80m to score.

With ball in hand both teams played some great running rugby. Jay Wainwright remembered to give 5 metres and ran in some decent ball. Christian Button also banged out some great drives, but still can't remember what a drop off/switch is in the heat of the moment! There's always next season.

Ian McKechnie did a sterling job as dummy half, this is despite a debilitating cankle injury.

Don Payne(intheass) produced a Master of the Match performance, his second against Heworth. Jay Wainwright stood in for him in the pint off, which resulted in possibly the slowest ever drinking race witnessed in Rugby League!

Darren Cunnington unfortunately lost his sponsorship deal with Teflon. After a very dropsy start, things started to stick and Teflon reneged on the deal.

Crusaders would like to thanks Heworth for the return leg, our only one of the season. It was a great game played in great spirit. We look forward to some more fixtures next year.

Crusaders would like to thank their shirt sponsors Marstons. We would also like to thank our polo shirt sponsors Burties Hair Design, iSecure Group, eCreative Design, Lighthouse Risk Services LLP and Top Third.

Crusaders Masters will now wrap up there season with some End of Season Awards. Details to follow.

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