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Catterick Crusaders Masters v Carlisle Masters

Yesterday saw Catterick Crusaders Masters take on Carlisle Masters. Both sides had their fair share of guest players with North East Thunder Masters bringing an impressive 10 players to back up Crusaders 12, whilst Carlisle were backed up by some marra's from Barrow and a sole Lancashire representative from Heysham!

After some decent downpours over the past fortnight the pitch was deemed playable for normal Masters rules by the referee and club representatives.

The game was played over 3 x 20 minute spells all of which were tightly contested with some great rugby on display in true Masters spirit.

Mark Throw used fellow excuse warrior Scott Quinn as his excuse to miss the third half. We can't remember what Scott's lame excuse was, after he'd uttered the words "we're not coming up the pub ....... " everything turned to white noise.

Also displaying great unsociable skills was Gavin Cole, who, having not been put to sleep on the pitch, decided he needed to go home for a kip!

Congratulations to Jay Wainwright on making his debut and grabbing himself heritage number 023. Carlisle have asked if we play them again that JAY RMP play in Gold Shorts due to the over bearing smell of bacon in contact ..... and could he please stop asking them for bananas!

Unfortunately self appointed bench controller Ian McKechnie has been ruled out for the remainder of the season. There's nothing physically wrong with him, he subbed Jason Grant!!

Jase, also figured in the running for Appendage of the Day having shaped for a wide kick on the 5th he beautifully sliced it into the wind and it sailed out on the full! Also in the running were George Taylor, Derek Pocklington and Adrian Fox. George, having beautifully drawn in the defender managed to pass to the opposition, not once, but twice! Derek, took a clean pass from the dummy half got himself into some space and put through a lovely kick, only to be reminded by the suitably low standard referee, Paul Clarke, that it was only the third tackle and you can only kick on the 5th and last! Foxy, although not an on field incident, must take credit for having everyone search their bags and pockets and various nooks and crannies of the pavilion in search of this wedding ring. It even prompted a post on the North East Thunder Masters group. Luckily Foxy found it a short while afterwards. He'd left it in last place you'd look .......... your wedding ring finger!!

His fellow posh Cumbrian, John Longden, was awarded Master of the Match. His chauffeur was later seen handing out cheques to the Carlisle team which we can only surmise was in aid of their various charities, very generous Longers, well done!

Post match celebrations were taken in Scotton Social, thanks John for hosting, and thanks Team Clarkey for providing the food for the teams.

Crusaders Masters would like to thank our shirt sponsors Marstons and our polo shirt sponsors Burties Hair Design, iSecure Group, eCreative Design, Lighthouse Risk Services LLP and Top Third.

Our next outing is away to new outfit Morley Knights on Saturday 29 July. New players are always welcome.

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