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Sponsorship Opportunity

Four of our players have recently been selected for the Newcastle Thunder U16’s Scholarship. Elijiah Delaidriti, Harry King, Noah Bangura and Seth Clapham are now looking for sponsorship to help support their journey into the Scholarship set up and the forthcoming season.

They are looking to raise £120 (inc VAT) each, the money is used to support the Scholarship team throughout the season by supporting the provision of training and playing kit and travel.

In return your company or individual name/logo will be displayed on their player profiles and displayed on the big screen at Kingston Park when they are selected to play.

Crusaders will also display your name and/or company logo in a thank you article for supporting these players.

We are looking for full or part sponsorship. It can be shared by all four or set against an individual, the choice is yours. Any excess funds raised will go towards some kit for the lads.

Please PM us if you can help.

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