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Crusaders Recognises Outstanding Effort

Saturday saw Crusaders return to training after Lockdown. During lockdown the club as a whole ran a fundraising event to allow Catterick Crusaders to have a fee free year for all those attending. During this fundraising time we had lots of physical challenges carried out by members of the club and wanted to recognise the effort put in by the junior element from the club who chose to do there own challenges to raise money to help this great cause. Ryan Broadley ran a mile a day throughout February which was an amazing challenge and was completed showing great determination. Ollie Astle cycled 100 miles in freezing wet weather but showing true grit in completing this challenge. Katie and Callum Coburn ran, walked and cycled 10 miles a day for 10 consecutive days working through blisters and sore muscles to complete their challenge. Everyone who participated in the Crusaders Challenge put a great effort in and assisted in allowing the club to open training for free to everyone attending making rugby league more accessible to the wider community.

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