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Crusaders Masters to take on Heworth Masters

On Sunday 01 October, Crusaders Masters will make the relatively short journey to York to take on Heworth, in the return leg of a fixture earlier in the season.

Despite numbers being affected by those liking a bit of kick and clap ....... and a few other reasons, Crusaders will still field a full team.

The game will be the last of the season in Crusaders colours for the team and we hope it's as enjoyable as the home leg.

Alex Cook-Smith, Ken Mason, Craig Ellis and Zsikai Balazs have answered the Crusaders call and will guest for us from North East Thunder Masters.

Jason Grant and Paul Clarke look set to make it through as the teams only 100% attendee's.

Crusaders are far from confident that Jay Wainwright will remember the 5m rule for a kick return, he's not right bright and it's only his FOURTH game, hopefully he'll have it sussed by the end of next season.

Jayne Whitby has placed a fresh order of tape for Mr Milk It Christian Button, who's arm is still apparently hurting. We don't wish to judge but the after effects of his MMR jab in school Year 7, should have worn off by now!!

Also making the trip are Bossman Ben Smith, Darren Cunnington, Don Payne, Daryl Friend and Ian McKechnie.

Crusaders Masters would like to thank our shirt sponsors Marstons. We would also like to thank our polo shirt sponsors Burties Hair Design, iSecure Group, Lighthouse Risk Services LLP, eCreative Design and Top Third.

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