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Crusaders Masters pay Guiseley a visit.

Crusaders Master took a trip down to Guiseley on Saturday to take on Guiseley Masters. For the second time running we travelled to a venue where, just when we started to think "it can't be down here" ........ there it was!!

Crusaders took great numbers but were also boosted by 2 great gents who normally run out for Birkenshaw, such is the beauty of Masters, as long as you're registered you can get a hit out with anyone!

Ok, who knew about the hill but kept it quiet? Yup the Guiseley pitch is on a bit of a slope (cough cough). That, combined with sticky conditions under foot, both teams were glad of the decision to play 4 x 15 minute quarters!

The game was played in fantastic spirit with both teams trying to make best use of the ball. Crusaders were certainly made to work for their yardage, especially for the scrum or tap, with some great positioning of Guiseley gold shorters, who could certainly get up quickly for the Touch.

There was of course the usual good natured banter and the odd attempt at straying marginally outside of rules but the Spirit of Masters won the day, and it was a great game with Crusaders showing a marked improvement on their last outing.

After a skin peeling hot shower (l might be bending the truth) both sides retreated to the Woolpack Inn (no not that one) for a bit of snap and the odd quaffette. Thank you very much to Guiseley for hosting us, we look forward to reciprocating. A great game played by both sides.

Congratulations to Chris Mayhew who made his Crusaders Masters debut.

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