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Crusaders Masters Enjoy The Cumbria Masters Festival

On Saturday Crusaders Masters team, enjoyed their first ever Masters Festival, in the border city of Carlisle, brilliantly hosted by Carlisle Masters.

Prior to travelling West some of the Crusaders players had junior coaching commitments to fulfill. Thank you the players and parents who agreed to start early so we could set off on time.

Crusaders got things underway on pitch 2 in Carlisle with a festival opening fixture against Maryport Masters. This was a great game from two evenly matched teams.

Both teams White and Black shorters got stuck in to each other and the Red shorters didn't hold back much either. Both sets of Yellow, Green and Blue shorters kept us young lads (cough cough) in check giving us some options in defence and allowing us get a roll on in attack.

Crusaders opened the festival, but had an unavoidable long wait to play the match that closed the festival, against a well organised and pacey Goldbourne side.

Both games were played in true Masters spirit, with some free flowing banter being exchanged, even the referee was dishing it out!

Post match pie, pea and gravy was washed down by some much appreciated cold quafettes, before the fun bus departed and carried on the motion from the cool box bevvies! Laughter filled the bus as "howlers" were pointed out and weak excuses were given in response.

An fun bus ain't a fun bus unless there's at least one refreshment stop, and The Dog Beck in Penrith was paid a brief visit. In true 'spoons fashion, the 4 day camel ride to the toilets restricted us to just the one (ok 2 if you're Longers and Foxy).

Congratulations to Tony Waikari and Adrian Fox who made their Crusaders Masters debut. Many thanks to North East Thunder Masters players, George Taylor, Derek Pocklington, Jim Collins, Barry MacDonald and Barry Sharrock for backing us up with numbers, with Bubble and Chris not making it, due to car trouble, it was very much appreciated.

Thanks to our shirt sponsor Marstons. Thank you to our after match wear sponsors, Burties Hair Design, iSecure Group, eCreative Design, Lighthouse Risk Services LLP and Top Third.

Finally thanks to Ben for getting us organised, getting and driving the fun bus and providing some top tuneage!

Anyone wanting to get involved in Masters, you won't be disappointed, you know where to find us!

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