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Crusaders Enjoy Their Coaching Camp

On Thursday 04 April, Thunder Community's Development Officer returned to Catterick Garrison to run a long awaited Coaching Camp for Crusaders.

Crusaders were really happy that 18 of their juniors booked onto the camp.

Crusaders utilised the excellent facilities of Wavell Rd Sports Pitches, which has been our pre-season training base since February.

In the morning the groups covered Play the Ball and Catch and Pass. Combining skills phases with plenty of fun games.

After lunch, it was all fun games for everyone to enjoy. Crusaders U12's coach, Adam Coburn, introduced everyone to a great game called Mario Carts - no not that one - the Thunder Community staff will definitely be pinching that idea. Also in the mix were games like bulldog, cops and robbers, Doctors and various relay games.

One game the attendees certainly weren't expecting was a small team memory game, Kim's Game. Everyone scored really well at this, but team Wrecking Ball took the honours with a score of 21, which included some well deserved bonus points.

Everyone left with big smiles on their faces, having enjoyed the day.

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