May 22, 2021

To start the day the weather was perfect for an excellent and well organised festival which started everyone of in a much better mindset than our previous festival. 

After an intensive warmup the team took to the field and put into practice everything we have talked and practiced over the previous training session. Everyone came out of there shells today and got stuck in all over the pitch. it was great to see the confidence and determination shown by everyone. They clearly had a great day as there was smiles all morning playing all of the teams that attended the festival. Some great try's were scored and some excellent offloads and tackles made. 

Towards the end of the day fatigue set in and we started to slow getting back onside and it was taken advantage of a few times but that was quickly fixed and noticed by the team. They didn't let that faze them and continued to play like they were in the Challenge Cup Final. 

Thank you to Whitely Bay Barbarians for arranging a great day and thank you to all the Crusaders parents that made the trip making the day possible. 


May 08, 2021

Saturday seen Catterick Crusaders U10's squad travel to Wallsend Centurions a massive thank you to all the parents that made the trip we couldn't do this with out your support. 

The day didn't start great as the weather was not on our side. We had heavy showers and strong wind causing some cold bodies out on the pitch. That didn't stop the U10's from showing some real grit and determination when facing their opponents even with the lack of experience within the squad. 

It was quite clear that as the games went on confidence grew and grew amongst the team as players started taking more risks and they paid of time and time again. Showing that even when I thought they weren't listening at training I was wrong. Their was some great offloads and even better tackles during the festival showing massive potential for our squad. We have some points to work on but nothing major.

I want to say a massive well done to everyone that attended the festival you all played amazing and looked like you really enjoyed it. I cannot wait for the next just hopefully we get better weather next time.

I would also like to say thank you Wallsend Centurions for hosting the festival it was great just a pity about the weather.